Benefits Of Renting

в аргентине изъяли кокаин   Save Time

  •  Save time from buying or renting gears. Now,  you can rent genuine gears with confidence in Nepal.  When in Kathmandu, use the save time to explore the city  (8 World Heritage Sites) and get to know your trekking mates and crews. Normally 1-2 days are reserved for Kathmandu city sightseeing and generally you can cover only 2-3 sites  (maximum) in a day.


follow site   Save Money

  • get link  Save money without paying the full price for gears that you won’t be using daily.  Use the save money to buy souvenirs for your love ones (Kathmandu is a mecca for handicraft shopping)   or if you fleeing generous, you can  donate to a local charity.  There are few dozens western approved non –government organization (NGO).



  • No need to carry your extra gears when flying into Kathmandu. Travel light and rest assure your gears are ready when you arrive at the hotel. Yes! These are authentic and tested!


 Save The Planet

  •  By renting, you are helping to reduce carbon footprint. No more knockoff gears and equipment (we have plenty those in Kathmandu).  Locals will appreciate your contribution to clean Nepal and the mountain will be kind to you. Yes!  You Can.

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